Do you support your employees in their personal and professional development? Did you know that people are more productive when they feel like a part of a community?

Employees are the most important resource and each successful company will take care to make them feel motivated, accepted and appreciated. Team building is the perfect investment for future development and growth. More than just a weekend full of fun, it is about building a strong community.

After several years of experience in organizing team buildings, we have the knowledge and experience to create a custom program for your needs. Every program is special and different, as each company is.

Waking up on Monday morning is much easier when you work in a good team!


MPG created a special concept, the E3 concept, that contains all the important elements for successful team building: waking up Emotions in people and providing Education, together with you, we create desirable Effects.

Living and working in 21. century means a lot of change and risks in everyday life. Employees are soul of the company and its most important resource. Therefore, giving them attention and encouraging their growth is a valuable investment.

Employees are more productive when they are satisfied with their work environment, so team building is the best way to spread positive energy, connect and reconnect the people and raise the spirit of the company.


The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team!

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