Urban Beer Crew 2019


Building a strong brand for a client doesn’t happen by chance. One great example is the organization of the HoReCa on-demanding activities for Apatin brewery by MPG Belgrade in August 2019.

How did we set and achieve all our goals to make this campaign one of the most successful in our agency in 2019?

The Urban Beer Crew program was designed to promote beer brands’ key concepts in a unique way and to spread a message of the products’ quality through various activities organized in selected pubs in the five towns all over Serbia. For the three months of the campaign MPG Belgrade was leading the communication with selected pubs providing them all necessary logistical and organizational support. Our call center was also at their disposal for all organizational queries and additional information.


The nine selected pubs had a possibility to choose between the five of ten offered activities from the Urban Beer Crew booklet – one premium plus four standard activities. The pubs had the freedom to create a timeline when the chosen activities for some of the available beer brands will be organized based on their schedule. MPG Belgrade did a great job with the social media campaign as well by posting the sponsored announcements on the pubs’ Facebook and Instagram pages a few days before the events while optimizing for both engagement and store traffic.

Not only that Urban Beer Crew program gave a new experience to the consumers, but it has also increased the sales volume for selected beer brands in the targeted pubs. On the other hand, the program has added value to the pubs as well. This campaign is important for us as we have implemented the new HoReCa on-demand activities organizational model where we have used the digital platforms as a new communication channel with our client providing them the information in real-time.

See the video and photos below and feel the amazing experience!


pubs in total


types of pub activities


activities in total


guests in pubs


digital campaign reach


digital campaign engagement


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