Sierra Tequila Digital & BTL Campaign 2019


Sierra Tequila comes from the Destilería Sierra, situated on a historical Hacienda in Guadalajara, the capital of Tequila. It is the home of Sierra Tequila, which has won many top awards. For G3 Spirits Group, one of the leading representatives and distributors of alcoholic beverages and global brands in our region, we have created and implemented push digital marketing strategy through a campaign that incentivized promoted product trials while integrating digital promotional activities with BTL promotions in specially selected locals all over Serbia.


For a limited time period of two months and strict time period for promotion of alcoholic beverages, we have successfully managed to build brand awareness and engagement through an incentive code-tequila shot exchange in selected locals in Serbia, 13 in total. King of the Night microsite was specially designed for this occasion with three clear goals in mind - to be presentation of Sierra Tequila as a brand, to be a place were code generation would be pursued and to be a tool for barmens to check the used codes in the locals itself. Facebook and Instagram were used as a placements for paid advertising which was directing to landing page on microsite designed for visitors to convert. For just 43 days of promotions, 530 codes were generated leaving this unique campaign to be highly successful and engaging.


ad impressions


campaign reach


cost per link click

43 days

campaign length


generated codes


created microsite




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