S-Box, May 2019


S-Box is a dedicated box to each student and its content is absolutely free. In S-Box can be found different samples, coupons, and educational brochures. Everything in S-Box should make students life easier.


During one month period, we had three phases of the social media campaign. Pre-phase was the period with the announcement of activities with several posts. High phase – during the distribution of S-Box is a period when partners are promoted and activations are organized. During this phase, we had 15 posts and 2 activations. The third phase is the post-distribution phase with one activation and 3 posts. Our social media campaign for S-Box May distribution resulted in great organic reach of posts considering the scale of fan basis. Average organic reach of post during this period is 2.710 and therefore, around 40% of the fan base have seen each post.


Total Campaign Reach


Total Campaign Impressions


Total Engagement


Total Number of New Fans


Total Number of Activations


Total Number of Posts




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S-Box, May 2019
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