Orbit White Sampling Serbia & Montenegro 2018


Orbit® is a truly global brand, whose clean and fresh mouth feeling is enjoyed by millions around the world. For Mars Wrigley Confectionery and its iconic product of sugarless chewing gum, we have organized and executed 2018 sampling activities under the campaign "Love Your Coffee, Love Your Smile", the national wide campaign that communicated the benefits of using Orbit after coffee consumption.


Sampling activities for "Love Your Coffee, Love Your Smile" campaign were present in Serbia and Montenegro and were consisted out of Orbit White coffee shops sampling, field promotion, magazines sampling, targeted faculties sampling and internal engagement with the employees. Coffee shops sampling was organized in a total of 13 cities in Serbia and Montenegro through 37 coffee shops. Through 41 field promotion in two summer months over 50 thousand Orbit White gums were sampled. In three biggest print magazines for a female audience over 100 thousand samples were distributed. Targeted faculties sampling was carried out in S-box student boxes full of different samples of different brands, among them Orbit White samples. Internal engagement covered 8 companies related to MARS Incorporated business in Serbia where 500 employees had the chance to engage in the conversations with an Orbit fortune teller with coffee as its tool. Through numerous points, we have successfully managed to incentivize and engage the target group and make a campaign regarding BTL sampling activities one of a kind.

Over 408k

samples distributed

2 countries

sampling activities

14 cities

sampling coverage


internal engagement activities


 DUL 0915
 da (11)
 DUL 0926


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