Mionetto Style Academy 2020 - More than just a dream!


During September and October of 2020, Mionetto Style Academy was organized as the first project that connected the Prosecco and Fashion industry uniquely. Academy was intended for young designers to make through with their work in a Fashion world by presenting their design in a Belgrade Fashion Week.

The first phase of a project was an open call that lasted for 2 weeks. During that time we had 34 applications for 11 open places for participants, giving a hard time to our eminent jury. The second phase was a two-week education with a focus on the production of a model. Mentors were Nenad Radujević - author of the Belgrade Fashion Week project and director of the Click Fashion Studio, the first private fashion agency in Yugoslavia and Boško Jakovljević - author, editor and a host of many popular TV formats, celebrated model and designer, with over 25 years of fashion experience. During two weeks participants had different lectures and workshops, such as: How to succeed in the fashion world? By Ashok Murty and Marija Tarlać; Product in focus by Jasenka Stekić and Branislava Antović; The Right Choice of the Material by Dragana Ognjenović; Styling workshop - Mionetto Cocktail party by Jasmina Šupeljak and Sustainable Workshop by Ana Trošić Trajković.

Each of these lectures and workshop was followed by a workflow and design ideas of our participants for the outfit. All designed outfits were presented at the Belgrade Fashion Week in two runways: Revija superfinalista Mionetto Style Academy and Noizz Fashion Award.

The last phase of our Academy was a competition between three super finalists. Each member of the jury had to give 8, 10, or 12 points to the super finalist and their produced outfit. Super finalist with the most points was announced on the Belgrade fashion week as a winner.

Each part of the academy was followed by numerous posts and story formats on the mionetto_srb account, as well as on the accounts of our participants.


As the first of these kinds of projects in Serbia, the close connection between prosecco and fashion gave great results. Metrics have overachieved our expectation with 1.2M+ reach, and more than 800 user-generated content.

In that way, we overcame obstacles for a smaller fan base on Instagram and the brand voice was heard much further. UGC of 800 generated reach over 150K+, and with 6 PR statements – a really wide audience has heard about the brand.

The result of that was the fact that the fan base increased by 89% in comparison to the same time period before the academy. Many positive comments and vibes, on the academy, closing ceremony, and Belgrade Fashion Week – which have shown us that the project was fully successful.

Created designer's community surrounding the brand made strong connections on their path to achieve fashion dreams.


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 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   7
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   14
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   12
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   9
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   6
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   11
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   1
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   8
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   1 a
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   10
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   5
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   15
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   13
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   3
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   2
 Mionetto Style Academy 1600x780   16

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