Jägermeister - New Brand Identity - Be the Meister


In December 2018, Jägermeister introduced new brand identity on the global level. We had to bring closer new brand identity to local customers and to adapt global content in a creative and specific way. MPG Belgrade faced the challenges in a unique way making different creative strategies, that are close in concept, for two social media channels – Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, in alliance with one of the key message "do what you do masterfully and live by your own rules" we have ideated, designed and implemented social media strategy.


New social media strategy resulted in a puzzle grid on Instagram that continuously was telling a story of the brand and encouraged users to be Meisters. During the campaign, we have promoted a key concept and message of the brand and different assets in a unique way. As a part of social media strategy, we have managed several activations and the biggest one "Happy Dear Year" where we have asked our fans on Instagram and Facebook to tell us their New Year's Resolution. Besides that, presents were sent to 14 influencers addresses with a goal to surprise them and one of their followers. During 6 months period, we have encouraged young people to show us the there unique, adventurous and ikonik spirit and influencers Ilija Boogie, Ena Jevtić, and Vuk Smiljanić helped us with that. New social media strategy in alliance with new brand identity resulted in great metrics and visibility of a brand. Together with BTL activities and cooperation with the brand itself, we achieved a great result – Jägermeister brand was announced as a product of a year in the category of alcoholic drinks based on changes made in the previous period that was recognized by consumers as a key innovation and masterful quality.


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Jägermeister - New Brand Identity - Be the Meister
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