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The second part of the #SaveTheNight project was Meister's life. Together with the G3 Spirits and JÄGERMEISTER we wanted to show that during the hard times being meister is harder because his role is not changed – he still needs to be creative, daring, and bold, a true role model and inspiration to others. That’s why we have chosen a famous actor as our meister, and through him, we inspired people to get out of their comfort zone.

Viktor Savić is a famous Serbian theatre and movie actor, rapper, and co-owner of Famous in Belgrade’s clubbing scene, but a big fan of snowboarding and moto-ride adventurist, as well as the person who is dedicated to various humanitarian projects. We have filmed his way of organizing a party and how he has included different parts of the creative industry and bars as well, in his attempt to #savethenight.

Therefore Meister's life had three phases:

Phase one: Before introducing meister and his attempt to #SAVETHENIGHT we have posted a series of content. During one month, we posted 16 diverse post that was similar to the concept and visual identity to call people to show us why are they meisters.

In the second phase, we have posted only video content related to the meister and organization of the party. We have shown that it is important to #SAVETHENIGHT and support the creative industry, but also clubs and bars we all love so much. And Viktor Savić helped us with that. “LJUBAV” party was organized on the 2nd of October on the rooftop of Bigz. He has shown that with the support of the right crew everything is possible. JÄGERMEISTER'S presence at the party was a full success and the brand has shown once more that it cares about its community.

Third phase: Atmosphere from the party was presented to the wider audience through an after-movie video that was posted on the social networks!



Throughout three phases, we posted everything online while achieving great metrics. With a unique campaign reach that was more than 980k we have reached a wider audience. Video content achieved more than 360K video views, and overall content gained more than 5.8K engagement. During the campaign 4 video content was filmed and disseminated on social media. And 10 special invitations to the party were made and delivered to influencers making sure our epic party has great visibility.


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