Glamour Digital Survey for New Stores


The Glamour brand represents the elegant, refined, and attractive style for the woman that loves richness in the details and quality in the product material.

On the clients' request, a mini-survey was organized on the digital channels to get valuable information from the target group. Survey had 4 questions - Did you hear of the Glamour brand? Where have you heard of the Glamour brand? Are you using our products? Tell us your favorite store in which you would like to see our products (name, place, and contact phone). The main goal was to find stores close to the target group and place the product there.


A survey was organized on the social media and Typeform platform and was fully branded. The reaction of the fans was good. The vast majority of examinees were already using Glamour products or knew about it.

For the two weeks, 100 replies reaching were received. The number of new stores contacts stores was 11. Besides that, during the survey, we have received 3 contacts directly in the inbox.


weeks duration


questionary responses


new stores contacts


campaign reach


campaign impressions


CTA clicks


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