AskGamblers Awards 2019


Ask Gamblers awards is the traditional event that Catena Media is organizing once in a year for its clients, online casinos and players. It is an awarding and partying ceremony in new year’s celebration atmosphere since it is in happening in January.  The guests were coming from all over the world here in Belgrade to celebrate and pick up the awards. The central point on the event was the announcement of the annual winners in each category and live voting which has been organized through live streaming. The event that we have organized for Catena Media was a real ceremony, an elegant gala night to remember placed in the luxury hall of Hotel Hyatt with more than 130 attendees - it was a spectacular night.


Among numerous activities described, live streaming was the biggest challenge for our organizational team since it required the usage of the newest technology while coordinating communication and live calls from all over the world. The challenge was accomplished successfully.




animations designed for live streaming


category awards


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