by Illeana Cesarec

Date realised: 10.03.2017

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How to be “IN(spired)”?

Visualisation of a response to this question would be Professor Baltazar, deep in thought, pacing up and down, until the light bulb turns on over his head, and his magical machine answers following questions:
Are we spicing up field marketing with creativity, with the selection of the appropriate channels to approach our target groups, through analogue and digital activities that will entertain and inspire potential consumers?

Innovation, WoM, a different approach, the WOW mechanic, “never seen before”, new technology, creative ideas… these are all words or phrases that you could find in a dictionary of marketing phrases on the first page, in bold, underlined and with the occasional exclamation mark.
Once clearly defined marketing methodologies and tools today have become a real mix of the 360° approach, aimed at attracting attention and arousing consumer emotions by creating inspiring moments through a well-rounded campaign. Markets have become virtually fluid, environments are continually changing, while brands are competing for attention. Target groups, regardless of age or type, are burdened by a mass of information, and it is necessary to find a way to intrigue them or to get the message through in the best possible way. A mass approach, communications characteristics of a specific project or service are yesterday’s news. What is in now is catching the attention of the individual within the target group, arousing emotions, influencing their opinion and decision to buy.


Are we offering an EXPERIENCE instead of a JUST PRESENTATION?
Are we becoming MARKETING MAVENS?
Are we creating INSPIRED MOMENTS and are we achieving ROI for our clients and projects?


In today’s world, creativity is based on personality, emotion and inspiration. Brands want to tell their story, a story that will connect them with the target groups. The approach we choose in creating new ideas is not based on the brand’s relations towards the consumer, but on the relations of the brand personality towards the person. We all feel first and think second or, as Albert Einstein once said “Logic leads from point A to point B. Imagination leads us anywhere we want.” Sometimes it is better to start from the self – what that is, what moves those of us who create, market and sell, what experiences have left an indelible trace in our memories, which campaigns or situations aroused our emotions? A team of creative experts of varying generations, can generate amazing ideas just by answering these questions, ideas that can represent the brand’s personality in just the right way through activation, to connect with the people within the target group. The best activation or campaigns are occasionally so integrated and simple, that it is virtually impossible to recognise the well-conceived marketing approach behind them.


Just because something is not typical or necessarily logical, it does not mean that it won’t be successful. When selecting communications channels, clients and agencies often tend to neglect the relationship between the channel and target group we are reaching for. We forget the fundamental assumptions of interaction – it is intuitive, sparked by need, and is not achieved just because the channel exists and is the logical choice. For example, promotion of a mobile phone in a specialised shop is a logical approach. But if we want to tell a LIFESTYLE story, to transfer emotions and to create a moment of inspiration, then we need to get out of the shop and choose a different channel of one-to-one communication.
The law of numbers – the quantity of contacts in a given channel – will often lean to the side of the logical choice. The question we need to pose, however, is what channel will achieve the best quality contact and start a dialogue? No longer are we just aiming to tell a story, instead, we want to make the target group active participants of the process.


Though there is no single marketing formula on how to create inspiring moments, using the LIVE – RETAIL – DIGITAL approach allows us to maximally approach this concept, by creating individual and occasionally atypical strategies that bring results, and bring the brand personality closer to those persons we are talking to.



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